About us

Welcome to Chromatospec Supplies

The origin of The Chromatospec Supplies is rooted in Laboratory Instruments and its consumable.

The Chromatospec Supplies was established in 2006 by Mr. H.Q. Chowdhury to cater for specialist consumable and equipment requirements to the Pharmaceutical Industry, Scientific and Research Organizations. Our mission is to build an organization that offers flexible customer solutions in a technical and complaint marketplace. We continue to develop services from our large product range that include supplying facilities from small Pharmaceutical start-ups to the multinationals. We have strong customer allegiance as they are receiving specialist consumables and required equipments in a tailored and compliant manner.

Our people have extensive knowledge from within the industry and we pride ourselves in offering superior customer service often in an environment that follows stringent regulations.

We are currently expanding and developing our portfolio to continue to serve our customers to the highest standard.

The Chromatospec Supplies is an exclusive agent of Restek Corporation, USA (www.restek.com)., Daicel Corporation, Japan (www.daicel.com), KRUSS, Germany (www.kruss.com), EMC Lab, Germany (www.emclab.com), Cole-parmer, USA (www.cole-parmer.com), Ohaus, USA (www.ohaus.com) & Starna Scientific, UK (www.starna.com), Labomed, Inc (www.labomed.com), Torontech (www.torontech.com), Benchmark Scientific, Inc (www.benchmarkscientific.com) respectively.

We have a laboratory Plasma Plus, Application and Research Laboratory (www.plasmaplus.org) for your research.