Products of Biobase


Table Top Autoclave Class N Series Table Top Autoclave Class B Series Table Top Autoclave Class S Series Vertical Autoclave---BKQ-B L Vertical Autoclave---BKQ-Z I Vertical Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Horizontal Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Horizontal Cylindrical Pressure Autoclave

Bacterial Colony Counter

Widely used for bacilli inspection of food, drink, medicine, biological, make-up, health products, water for drink, domestic sewage, and industrial water.
1. CMOS integrated circuit and LED digitaldisplay.
2. The special probe counts sensitively and accurately.
3. It is composed by counter, probe and count pond, etc.
4. The magnificationisvariable by adjusting theflectional arm

Biological safety cabinet

Three protection: operator, sample and environment.
Airflow system: 70 % air recirculation, 30% air exhaust A2 Cabinet is suitable for working with microbilogical research in the absence of working with microbiological research in the absence of volatile or toxic chemicals and radionuclide.


Mini Centrifuge
Mini High Speed Centrifuge
Table Top Low Speed Centrifuge
Table Top High Speed Centrifuge

COD Analyzer

* LCD display
* Dichromate colorimetric method, LED light source, long service life
* Two-point calibration (zero and full scale calibration)
* Measurements can be displayed directly, needless to count
* Support to connect with PC through USB interface
* Date can be consulted, deleted and printed


• Industrial Dehumidifier
• Home dehumidifier
• Commercial Dehumidifier

Drying Oven

• Drying Oven/Incubator(Dual-use)
• Forced Air Drying Oven (Table-top Type)
• Forced Air Drying Oven
• Constant-Temperature Drying Oven
• High Temperature Drying Oven
• Vacuum Drying Oven


• Orbital and Linear Shaker
• 3D and Rocking Shaker
• Small Capacity Shaker
• Large Capacity Shaker • Wrist Shaker

Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

• Single Position Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer
• Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrer

Water Bath

• Thermostatic Water Bath
• Transparent Water Bath
• Constant Temperature Water Tank
• Glass Tank Water Bath With Stirrer
• Super Constant Temperature Water (Oil) Bath
• Low Temperature Thermostatic Bath